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Truck Tarping Systems used by the professionals
Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems have all your
tarping, tonneau cover and shade sail solutions

The original Tarpaulin and Go Tarping System.

The Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems concept was bought to Australia in 1989 and soon flourish to become what is probably Australia's most popular retractable truck tarp system available today.

Our various systems save trucking companies time and money with their ease of use, robust construction, quality and design.

Saving time covering and uncovering your load not saves you expensive fines it also makes your bottom line better with the obvious time savings.

Contact our friendly knowledgable staff and they will help you design and implement the best tarping solutions for your particular application.

Always remember “Don’t blow your load cover
it with Cramaro Enviro-Tarping Systems”


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